Donation Program

Support us, we need your help.

Donations to our new Islamic center will be invested in establishing:

1. An appropriate prayer space for the growing community of Muslims in north Osaka. 

2. Dawah and cultural activities for both Japanese Muslims and non-Muslims will be run by a permanent and qualified Imam. 

3. An Islamic library accessible to both Muslims and non-Muslims. 

4. After-school programs for children to teach the Qur’an and Sunnah which will be led by the  Imam of the mosque and qualified teachers. 

5. Educational activities and programs for the Muslim community as well as those interested in Islam.

The current building

Our masjid is a small, double-story wooden house designed to accommodate a family of 3-5 people. Our community purchased this building in 2006.

The first floor has been adapted to be used as a men’s prayer room and storage space for halal food. The second floor has been adapted to be used as a women’s prayer area, a children’s room, and a meeting room.

There are no separate entrances for men and women when they enter the Masjid.

In addition to the main building, there is a small separate wudu area for men.

This building is simply not large enough to accommodate the growing number of Muslims in our community. Brothers are often forced to pray outside the main building on Fridays, a situation that becomes harder if there it rains heavily (common in Japan).

The details of the expansion project: 

Please donate to share in the reward of providing a new, purpose-built space for our community. 

The new building should be able to accommodate more than 250 people, as well as have adequate space for a parking lot. Based on these requirements, we are aiming at a two-story building. 

The new masjid is planned to be around 14m x 10m in size. 

The 1st floor will house a men’s prayer room and wudu area, meeting room, halal food shop, and classroom. 

The 2nd floor is a women’s prayer room and wudu area, as well as a children’s room and a kitchen.


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