The Mosque is the house of God, and your second home

Masjid Activities

All visitors are Welcome to the Masjid!

for large number of visitors or for special events (such as marriage and Shahada), contact us by E-mail in advance via:


 when you visit the Masjid (House of Allah) we would like to remind you of few things:

  • Please use the parking space of the Masjid freely, if it is full, you can try nearby paid parking space near Toyokawa monorail station, please don’t use neighbors parking space in front of their houses.
  • Please try to be quiet and respect the neighbors of the Masjid, especially late at night or early morning.


Friday and other prayers, especially on weekends and public holidays.

Educational activities

Saturday program, Quraan class, Arabic language classes

Qiyam prayers and Iftar gatherings in Ramadan

In Ramadan Qiyam prayer is organized and starts on the night before Ramadan. More people participate in the prayers, especially during the last ten nights. Iftar gatherings are also held in the Masjid. During Ramadan as well as other occasions, some brothers and sisters practice itikaf in the Masjid.


Upon request, wedding ceremonies are held at the Masjid. [May be we need to describe the required documents and procedure for any body interested]


The Imam of this masjid says he has “witnessed around 600 Japanese citizens converting to Islam” (The Japan Times ,Nov 2014, The Osaka imam who represents Islam’s growth in Japan). Some of the converts engage in Islamic practice so actively that they become directors of this Masjid.

Non-muslim visitors

The Masjid welcomes individual or group visits from Non-muslim Japanese people who often join the Saturday program. They enjoy the lectures by the imam, and the exchanges with the brothers. The masjid has became one of the proof which shows the “cohabitation” of people from different backgrounds in this area.

International visitors

Many international visitors are welcomed at the Masjid. University students involved in islamic activities around the world are interested in studying the muslim communities in Japan. In addition, many travelers from abroad visit the Masjid on their way to other places.